Staying in line with our mission, the Uncle Kory Foundation funds innovative research for brain cancer treatments and cures.

  • As of January 2019, UKF has awarded $1,409,650 in grants to 23 projects.

    • $862,150 funded to large ongoing Research Grants.

    • $450,000 funded to Research Seed Grants.

    • $40,000 funded Pediatric Specific Brain Cancer Research

    • $32,500 funded to Research Equipment

    • $25,000 funded to Pediatric Brain Cancer MRI testing

  • These grants focused on brain cancer in multiple tumor types and neuro-oncology treatments:

    • Glioblastoma, Medulloblastoma, Pediatric Medulloblastoma, Pediatric DIPG, treatments for all malignant brain tumors, and neuro-oncology research.

  • Research areas of focus have focused on multiple projects including:

    • Immunotherapy, “Guided-Missle” approach, Immunotoxin and Chemotherapy Combination therapy, Human Mesenchymal Stem-cell based therapy, Precision Medicine, and Apoptic Blocks in treatment.