1.   What is the deadline for submitting an application?

      The deadline for submitting an application online and hard copy is September 1st, 2019.

2.   Does the Primary Investigator’s (PI) application need to be submitted online as well as a mailed hard copy?
      Yes.  Please submit the online application and upload all required documents.  Then mail your application to our offices.  
       If you have a problem with the online form, you may email it to

3.   Will the applicant get confirmation that Uncle Kory Foundation (UKF) received their grant application?
      Yes.  The PI will receive an email that the application was received.  

4.   Does the Investigator have to be a U.S. or Canadian citizen?
      No.  The Uncle Kory Foundation Grant is open to the international community.

5.   Does the Institution have to be California based?
      No.  The 2019 UKF Seed Grant is open to all geographical areas.

6.   Can more than one Investigator from the same Institution apply for the UKF 2019 Seed Grant?
      Yes.  More than one Investigator from an Institution may apply for the UKF 2019 Seed Grant.

7.   Does the Investigator have to request the total of $50,000?
      No.  The amount requested is at the PI’s discretion, but cannot exceed the maximum amount of the grant award.

8.   Who can receive salaries from the grant?
      Any person working on the proposed project can receive a salary from the grant.  The amount is left to the PI’s discretion.

9.   What if the PI's project overlaps with a project that is being funded, or has an application for funding from another organization?
     UKF requires a full disclosure on potential financial and/or intellectual overlapping grant applications/projects.  Please utilize the Other Support Form       to disclose all additional funding or pending funding. Failure to disclose the required information can result in the withdrawal of a grant award.

10.  When will the Investigators be notified of the decision?
       The PI will be notified of the decision on or about November 1st, 2019.

11.  Will the Investigators receive feedback if they do not receive funding?
       UKF does not provide specific feedback on proposals that are not funded, however, information on the number of proposals considered and the number of awards will be provided.  Award winners will be made public on the UKF website. 

12.  What are the procedures if there are changes in the budget, staff, etc., after the grant has been awarded?
  UKF must be notified in writing of any changes in the project’s budget, staff, or additional funding.  

13.  What are the procedures if the Investigator moves the research project to a new Institution?
      UKF must be notified immediately.  All letters requesting and authorizing the move must be submitted from the previous institution, the investigator,        and the new institution.  Each case will be determined based on the specific agreement with the PI and Investigator.

14.  What are the procedures to request a no-cost extension?
       Investigators must submit a written request for a no-cost extension detailing why such a request is necessary.  A statement from the accounting              department must be included to show the current status of the project’s finances, as well as a revised budget for the proposed extension.  The UKF        Medical Advisory Board will review the request to determine if the extension will be granted. 

15.  Does the grant provide for indirect costs or administrative fees?

       No.  The Uncle Kory Foundation uniform policy does not allow for administrative or indirect fees to be assessed against the grant.

16.  What is Uncle Kory Foundation’s contact information?

Uncle Kory Foundation can be reached by email at

       Or by mail at:
       Uncle Kory Foundation
       2121 Rosecrans Ave.
       Suite 4335
       El Segundo, CA 90245